Win free prizes by playing our games and puzzles.
How does it work?
Simple! Any prize seen can be yours. The only thing standing in your way from getting the prize, is a "Game" or "Puzzle".
Your task is simple:
All you need to do is WIN the "Game" or "Puzzle" for the respective prize, and that prize will be yours.
Conditions or Rules:
1) You may not be the only one playing, there can be others playing the same  "Game" or "Puzzle" as you.
2) You need to be the first to complete or win the "Game" or "Puzzle" in order to receive the prize.
3) The moment the "Game" or "Puzzle" is won or completed, that "Game" or "Puzzle" ends and the winner is declared.
4) Some "Games" or "Puzzles" will require a minimum number of players to start.
5) Some "Games" or "Puzzles" may have a maximum number of players.
6) All "Games" or "Puzzles" will require credits from your account in order for you to start playing. The number of credits vary depending on the prize, puzzle or game. (Remember you get 100 free credits the first time you register).
7) Credits are not refunded if you do not win the "Game" or "Puzzle".
8) The first time you register, you will receive 100 free credits in your account. Click here to learn how to receive additional credits
9) Each "Game" or "Puzzle" will have it's own rules and instructions associated with it.

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